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Freelance Writer Personally impacted by Whole Town Revival Vredenberg 6 – 19 October 2008

Vredenburg Revival – moving through the veil

Twelve months ago I was at the brink of abandoning my Faith – or trusting the inner witness in my spirit telling me that God was in control and that everything happening to me had its purpose. I was questioning why my life, as I knew it, was disintegrating in a vortex of calamity. It was at Elpetra Ministries in Vredenburg that I found the answers, and solace, I was looking for (in Matthew 27:24-25 and Luke 14:33). Pastor Trevor Brandon runs this ministry, which is a Restoration Centre and disciple school for those lost in the world, and caught up in the clutches of drugs and gangsterism. As the name Elpetra (God, rock) foretells, I started laying the foundations for a new life on solid ground (the Word), with Jesus the cornerstone. I feel enamored to have finally found my calling in life – discipleship, and for the ever increasing expression of the Supernatural in my life. The recent “wholetown” revival that happened in Vredenburg, which I testify on below, just affirmed these sentiments of mine.

“JESUS, BE SET FREE HEALING AND EQUIPPING REVIVAL” is a spiritual revival ministry lead by Dr Robbie Cairncross, well-known International evangelist from the Westcoast, and TV personality from Jesus Be Set Free TV (on the Spiritworld channel). He, and his team of evangelists, were in Vredenburg from 6-19 October. Our ministry supported the campaign ( it was something we had prayed for) , and disciple leaders, including myself, assisted the evangelists in street ministry. Most of Dr Robbie’s team had been with him at his previous revivals – Saldanha, Velddrif, St Helena Bay, Darling, and Springbok. And had come from the Westcoast area and other parts of the country – Springbok, Mossel Bay, Cape Town, Darling, Durban,Retreat, Mithells Plain and Prince Albert – to Vredenburg, at own expense, to partake in the harvest (spiritual feast). We were privileged to work with such true followers.

Evangelism had never previously appealed to me. However, as we made contact with residents of Vredenburg in their homes, work places, schools and shops, I felt compelled to try and help people see beyond the veil that blinds them to the truth – which is LIFE in Christ:
They do not believe, because their minds have been kept in the dark by the evil god of this world. He keeps them from seeing the light shining on them, the light that comes from the Good News about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God. (2 Corinthians 4:4)
I wished for them to experience the things that go far beyond the shallow trappings, and trivialities, of this world. As I ministered one-on-one to residents of Louwville, Hopland and Vredenburg, it occurred to me that my overwhelming desire to evangelise did not arise from my flesh (self-will), in the way that wanting to be a social worker or medical doctor would have, but rather through my spiritual re-birth. Reconciliation with my Heavenly Father, receiving His spirit of love, is what has given me His desires – to bring the prodigal children back to Him. I could actually feel God’s anguish, within me, when people rejected the invitation to receive Him. Similarly, as a believer, accepting my rightful position as heir to His Kingdom means that I desire a dispensation of righteousness to prevail in this world, which is currently ruled by darkness. This longing supercedes any of my (own) desires which are short-sighted, self-centered, and ego-based. And this is the reason that I have been content being in full-time ministry (for the Lord).

Dr Robbie is a good teacher. I have come to a better understanding of many areas of the Christian faith through association with him during the revival. In the evening he preached to the residents of Vredenburg, who congregated in the rugby hall expecting to see miracles. Christ crucified, a sacrifice sufficient to cover all our iniquities and illnesses, was the message that went out. People need to know that we do not need to add to this, just receive it – His divine grace. It occurred to me, during the revival, that it was my own experience of God’s grace, a year ago when I was going through severe testing, that had propelled me into discipleship. I had gone from knowing to doing (Dr Robbie refers to this as moving from passivity to power). It was that dark period of my life, when I felt abandoned and forsaken by God, that I was (unknowingly) receiving God’s divine appointment to serve Him. He was freeing me from all that would hinder me from completing His important work.

The intention, with the revival, was to stir believers and non-believers into waking up to spiritual realities of life that go beyond the limiting confines of doctrine and religion, that promote doing works rather than serving Him through faith. Albeit controversial, Dr Robbie appealed to the “religious”, who live in condemnation because of living under the law. They miss out on having a personal relationship with God. For it is through grace that the veil, separating us from God, has been torn. There is NOTHING stopping us from coming into His presence. It is through our faith in His presence (within us), and by the authority of resurrected Christ Jesus, that believers have power over the natural and can be healed and perform miracles. The two week Vredenburg revival was heralded by “signs and wonders”, and I was witness to many. Whilst ministering in Louwville with Sean, an evangelist from Velddrif, a woman was healed from a brain tumour that was causing lameness on her one side. Another woman (in Hopland) with a degenerative eye disease was healed. A gentleman (from Hopland) who had been crippled and bed-ridden for eight years was healed. Many others were cured of their aches and pains. I attended the first Sunday evening’s revival meeting. There a crippled women was healed (she threw her crutch away), a young man was healed of a skin rash on his face, and a woman was healed of a kidney problem. God’s tangible presence and power in Dr Robbie’s public meetings was evident – and broadcasted for all to see. Through Weskus Radio an estimated 400,000 people would have listened in every evening. Broadcasting via “Jesus Be Set Free TV” an estimated 300 million people worldwide would have seen what the residents of Vredenburg, attending the meetings, witnessed. In addition, the testimonies of the team of evangelists who were out in the field (streets) every day were broadcast via his programme.

After the 14 days of spiritual activism it is impossible for the town of Vredenburg to not have been changed. In this time altogether 20,000 pamphlets (invitations to revival meetings) were distributed. The rugby hall, where the revival meetings were held, was full most evenings. From records kept by the evangelists it can be safely said that more than 5,500 people of Vredenburg were saved delivered and healed. This campaign has only been the start of the spiritual revival of Vredenburg (as part of the Westcoast). The other, of the 5-fold ministries, will be responsible for supporting and doing follow-up work to establish the saved as active members of the Body.

The revival that came to Vredenburg was the answer to many prayer petitions. So it was really a privilege for me to be part of the experience. Through the efforts of Dr Robbie Cairncross, his team, Projek Weskus, and a few prominent business people in the area, thousands of residents of Vredenburg have been saved, healed and set free. Only time will tell (and only God knows!) what impact this campaign will have had on Vredenburg, the Westcoast, and the entire world! For me, the revival was a blessed experience, and a time of reaping – with joy! The Lord prepared and equipped me for the harvest when He sent me to discipleship school at Elpetra a year ago. He gave me the opportunity to participate, and He gave me the anointing to carry out the work. I therefore look forward to whatever else He has in store for me as I continue my walk, and live out His perfect plan for my life. Praise be to God!

AS YOU GO, PREACH… Freelance Reporter 28 Oct 08

Modern-day disciples restore Vredenburg

Disciples from Elpetra Ministries, a Restoration Centre and disciple school based in Vredenburg, have been participating in the “JESUS, BE SET FREE WHOLE TOWN REVIVAL VREDENBURG, held in Vredenburg 6-19 October. This is one in a series of “wholetown revivals” that have happened along the Westcoast – in response to the vision of International evangelist, Dr Robbie Cairncross.
Todate in the last five Whole Town Revivals some 16 000 people have been born again.

The Elpetra disciples joined a team of evangelists, who had come from as far as Springbok, Cape Town, Price Albert, Mossel Bay and Durban to be part of the spiritual crusade. Synonymous with the acts of the early church, the group of believers set out into the streets of Vredenburg – households, schools, businesses – to being about change and renewal. They reached out, in the name of the Most High, to help and heal the disadvantaged communities in fulfillment of the commission: “Go [OUT] and preach, ‘The Kingdom of heaven is near!’ Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, heal those who suffer from dreaded skin diseases, and drive out demons. Freely (without pay) you have received. Freely, without charge, give” (Matt 10:7, 8). The light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ was offered to these, poorer, communities to give them victory
over the scourges of poverty, illness, and strife afflicting them.

The evangelists also appealed to people, in the more affluent neighborhoods of Vredenburg, for their spiritual awakening (i.e. revival) in accordance with the Word in Matthew 27 vs. 52.
The young disciples from Elpetra, who have histories of dysfunctional and delinquent behaviour, and substance abuse, inspired the youth of Vredenburg with the hope of a better (abundant) future. They shared their personal testimonies of restoration and transformation which had seen them go “from the guttermost to the uttermost”– thanks to the goodness, mercy, and grace of their Heavenly Father. The wholetown revival was an unforgettable experience for the modern-day disciples (as it was for many of the Vredenburg residents). It gave them the chance to unleash their latent, spiritual, gifting (heavenly treasures) to do extraordinary things for the community of Vredenburg,
and further equip them for their work in ministry.