One or two Day Love and Grace Gathering


I will come and help you GROW.

Church is Divinely designed to grow through evangelism. Robbie has been evangelizing now for the past 25 years and he is willing to come alongside you to assist you in church growth and see His Kingdom established.



People hear the word Love, but few have experienced His intense and intimate Love and even fewer  know how to put this overcoming love into practice whether it be in their family or in their community. His love empels one drawing one closer to the Himself where one finds that He has already removed every hostile dividing wall. The proof of a lack of this His love is law, judgement,  selfishness, isolation, spiritual striving and anxiety which often results in a breakdown in relationships and marriage. How do they believe unless they are preached to. Host Robbie and will help you grow that which God has entrusted to you.

Robbie is ONLY taking 6 GROWTH bookings for 2018.


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