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The Anointed teachings of Robbie Cairncross you are about to watch will elevate you Spiritually & will give you revelation to walk in the Supernatural, personally and in your ministry.

No Monthly Subscription Fees. Each program is about 28 min long and no less than 15 Scriptures.You can choose liberating single titles or an informative series.

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Come and spend time with me.
Come and spend time with me.

Each program is divided into:

  • The Holy Spirit & Power Flow
  • A Life resurrecting teaching
  • Testimonies
  • Seed 4 Souls

Your can choose between renting the teaching ($1) or purchasing it ($2). Once bought you will be able to download the message to any device you choose to watch it.  If rented you will have 24 hours without the download option to watch your chosen teaching.

Complete Teaching Series are also available. Purchasing or renting option on the same basis.  Prices depend on the number of dvd’s in the chosen series.

To start may i suggest a series called IT IS FINISHED’ and then two GRACE series called GRACE 1′ & ‘GRACE 2’. This will be a great foundational starting point in your Supernatural Spiritual Growth.

I have now been broadcasting for the last 15 years & this new JESUS Be Set Free on Demand TV is a new endevour in line with our 25 year vision  to Take His Healing Everywhere. For constructive comments please email me personally. or call me +27 83 989 8149