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Robbie’s Personal Meeting with JESUS CHRIST…

Robbie is introduced to Paul, Elisha & David by JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF…

Robbie’s personal Experience with OUR FATHER in HIS THRONEROOM – “THRONEZONE”

On being Translated before Meetings – Pool of Bethesda

Robbie On Angels

Robbie on seeing Angels: Personal Transcripts


Robbie had multiple encounters with Jesus Christ, Angels and others of the Bible, here are a few of them:

Robbie met JESUS personally, One on ONE

Robbie’s Personal Meeting with JESUS CHRIST…

Robbie is introduced to Paul, Elisha & David by JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF…

Robbie’s personal Experience with OUR FATHER in HIS THRONEROOM – “THRONEZONE”

On being Translated before Meetings – Pool of Bethesda

Robbie On Angels

Robbie on seeing Angels: Personal Transcripts

Robbie met JESUS personally, One on ONE

I Have just had a release (02June08 ) to make public a few of my personal encounters with the Lamb of God, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Our Savior, Healer and Enricher. The reason for this is for others to be encouraged that The Kingdom of God is at hand, and that the King is alive.

I have spent much time in His Presence and have on a number of occasions met personally with the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Christ whom has introduced me to a few in His cloud of witnesses. These men also appear in the Bible and they give me some encouraging advice. I am sure what they say will also Bless you.

I have also recorded my encounters with Angels and have also transcribed these actual encounters. The maser audio can be ordered. These actual experiential encounters were just before a Supernatural Be Set Free Revival we did in Springbok, South Africa. The Power of God had such an impact in this town that the press reported it with picture on the front page of the newspaper. I believe folk are still writing in today about their encounters in His Presence. WOW.

Please understand that words and the written word is very weak, limited and dull in expressing these real encounters. In reading, they may seem oversimplified or pale, but this is because Divine experiential Power cannot be translated to paper. It is then my prayer that the word becomes life in you, opening up a personal encounter with Emmanuel, for your very own self.

Robbie’s Personal Meeting with JESUS CHRIST…

I have met Jesus, the Anointed One, the Son of God, my elder Brother many times. Each time is different, but yet the same. Sometimes we say nothing, just being with each other. Other times He talks and I just listen and at times we walk at His easy speak able pace. The pace Jesus walks at is not the fast pace we may encounter in town or in the city. It is not as fast as you think and not as slow. It is a pace at which His communication can be consumed and enjoyed.

Jesus is not tall and not overweight. He is not short and thin. He has longish hair a little over His shoulders. Sometimes He is bearded and other times not. His clothes are not fashionable, but not out of fashion. They are wheat germ in color, loose and long. He does not wear a suit, but his dress suits him.

He is compassionate, soft, gentle and lovable. He is adorable and always smiling. I saw no color in Him. He is not black, white or olive. He is just Himself.

My first personal encounter with the Son of God was on a walk at Grotto Bay, down the foot path, close to the sea. He was waiting along the roadway for me. His hand was extended, not for me to shake it formally, but for me take it, hold it informally and walk with Him. We walked in the direction I was going. It was so good being with Him. He smiled at me and said ” WELCOME”. I said to Him” Good to see You”, and he replied, “Good to see you”. I then said ” It is good to be with You ” and He replied ” Good to be with you.” We continued speaking, and He gave me no message for the world, but just a message belonging to me.

I have on two different occasions taken two different friends of whom I have known for about Eight years each to that first place of encounter. Both on each different occasions have commented that they still feel His Awesome Presence where we walked.

On the occasion before I met Him, I remember Him calling me to come up and join Him, ” Robbie, come up and join Me”. At first I did not know how to come up, or where to come up to, but I realized along the road that He had spoken to my spirit. ” Come Up, Come up, out of where you are and soar toward me. Coming up does not mean ascending, it means opening to receive Him in the Spirit. The Spirit is a higher plain of existence. Heaven and He are not far off, both are literally a hand away.

Moses went up, Jesus went up and I went up. I was not on a mountain, but when I opened my Spirit ( let it free from my fears, prejudices, impatience etc) God met me in the form of Jesus in these Supernatural Manifestations. We carry His Presence, but it is manifest when we open our Spirits, allowing ourselves to go up, that is, open up into His Open Heaven.

Robbie is introduced to Paul, Elisha & David by JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF…

On the 17 September at 11h39 I was seated, praying & thanking My Father for an open heaven, thanking Him for His Presence, when Jesus again appeared to me. This was an encounter with a difference . Jesus was not alone, this time He had four men with Him. I had no idea whom they were. Jesus said to me that He wanted to introduce me to them. Once introduced, Each man left me with a nugget, a short bit of Divine encouragement.

The first man was shortish, very broad in the shoulder. He had longish curly black hair. He was introduced to me as Paul who said ” Carry on irrespective of the opposition”. The second was Elisha who said that I should just share which and what I see in Heaven. The third man was David, a large man, brown straight hair. He said ” keep moving forward, do not grow weary” Finally, I was introduced to Abraham who said ” It is true, the Blessing covenanted with me are yours, you just have to accept them by faith, they will become reality”.

What struck me about these men were they were all from different eras in His Story, but they all were the greatest of friends, joking with each other. The Glory of Joy shone from them all. Each had continual very broad contented smiles on their faces.. They did not say anything further, but all of them told me without them saying anything, they said ” It was all worth it”.

Then God spoke through His Son, Jesus saying to me, “My Son, be encouraged, you are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, who witness to that which you witness”. Friend understand that those in the Heavenly realm are not concerned with what is happening on earth, but they are mindful of the lost.

Jesus then said to me, tell people it is all true, every Word of my Word is true and has and will come to pass.

Robbie’s personal Experience with OUR FATHER in HIS THRONEROOM – “THRONEZONE”

On entering the Throne Zone.

Tuesday 15 April 2008 I was in the Spirit on this day. I was taken into His Throne room . Sounds and Words are lazy and cannot encapsulate and explain that reality.

My body was still where I was sitting at the table in our guest room at Grotto Bay, West Coast South Africa, but my Spirit had left it. I was still alive and could think about what my Spirit was seeing.

The Throne room of God is not a room at all. It is not a hall or in a big building. It is a place where His Presence “breathes” in and out. When He “breathes” clouds move out through each other. As these Glory clouds blow out they get to a certain distance and they take on the form of Jesus. It is a mass of Glory cloud that goes in and comes out, comes out and goes in. It is like a big doughnut with a hole in it lying on its side. And everything in the universe goes through this, His throne. Nothing, no word, no deed, no action, thought or plan , it all goes through. Take note that His Throne is not a big chair, it is a central place. This place is not bound by area, it is to expansive for that. I in He and He in Me. When you are in Him, in His Presence, one goes through that place, everything that is in you.

When you are in Him you are in His Spirit and when you in His Spirit He tells you things as you pass thru this place equipping you to go out into the high ways and the byways He is in you. Your command and direction are received in Him in the spirit and you move out, it starts to flow out of you. When He flows out of me it is almost representing the throne room of God where I have been. As His Life filled Glory saturated Spirit flows from hat place called the Throne, it moves outward. When it gets to an undefined point moving out, it takes on the form of Jesus. The same is evident when one ministers. Out of your belly flows this River of Living water. Likewise as I minister it is Him you are encountering and not me. I have received more and more testimonies of people that have said when I minister they do not see me, but it is as if my whole body is transfigured into Jesus Christ. From your throne room the Holy Spirit , His Presence flows out of you taking the form of Jesus, the Christ touching others whom He heals, saves and sets free.

So the one that stands before you to minister is not me, it is the spirit that has the exact form that flows out of me and as it flows out of me takes on the form of Jesus. So the one healing you, ministering to you is Jesus.

The earth is His footstool and heaven is His throne. As he stands on the earth in my form heaven starts just above the earth so I am thus standing in heaven or in heavenly places. I am in his throne , He is flowing out of me. I am in Him, He is in the Father and as the Father flows in Him in Me, Out of Me, Out of Him into the one standing before me. When it flows into Him, He is the one that one feels as His Spirit flows over them. This Presence can touch you wherever you are because there is no distance in the Spirit. We did a Three City revival in Egypt. In Tante one man came into the meeting testifying that He was compelled to enter by the Holy Spirit which he happened to feel half a kilometer away.

I am in the Father. How do I get into the Father, by the Holy Spirit through Grace by faith. When I come and tell you what has happened or witness His Kingdom to you in Miracles, He is in me. When one comes for a healing and stand before me, He flows out of me and touches you. Not a little , but fully. So as He is so am I. If I am in Him and He is on the right hand of the Father and He flows out of me, what is in the Father flows into Him and what is in Him flows from me in His form to touch you, to heal you, to set you free. So that Presence comes. I carry what I experience of whom He is, I go into the Spirit, into His Throne room and out of my belly flows Him, that river of living water. Life. My belly is my innermost, all that is Divinely in me will flow out and touch you.

When you in His Presence you are in He. When you come out o His Presence HE IN You. Where ever you go from a heavenly encounter, there is an open heaven .In other words the earth is recreated to its original form through you. So wherever you go and you carry that, if you go into an area and there is dessert, life and that which brings life comes. We have on occasions doe Revivals in semi Arid areas in South Africa called the Karoo. When we leave they have rains like never before. I have photos of one place in particular that the rivers started to almost burst their banks on us leaving. The earth then starts to blossom experiencing life that only a son can bring.
Similaringly if you go into an area of oppression and you carry the Spirit of Life, all oppression leaves and liberty comes. If you carry an open heaven, irrespective of where you find yourself, freedom will be experienced. It is translated from that oppressive state into joy & peace. If you go into an area where arms have been cut off by man, and you carry that Presence, they are recreated. Limbs grow. Recreated, Where there is sickness, healing happens, and where there is sin, salvation . Where there is doom and curses, Blessing comes. So because you carry the Blessing by Grace, it is this Blessing that is left behind. All of creation groans at the manifestation of the sons of God. Why ? Because as one of His sons you can easily turn that curse around wherever you find yourself and the earth has been designed to be in liberty and not under oppressive bondage. It knows this. Jesus took all the curse upon Himself at Calvary. IAW, the curse is taken after the first born through you now. This time not by suffering unto death, but now unto joyful life. Blessing can be restored and manifest. As you carry that manifest, resurrected presence.

He lightning which I encountered on His throne zone are not streaks of light that we experience in the sky on the evening of an electrical storm. No, they are vibrant colors moving in and out of this rolling cloud Presence.

There was a reverberating , cavating noise of many voices, sounds, sounds I have never heard before, beings that I had not seen before, no pattern, just liberated to applaud His Magnificence. It is almost as if those sounds keep the Life cloud rolling.

The whole universe come in and out of the eye(centre of the centre) of the glory cloud.

Jesus moves in and out and when He gets to a certain place coming from this pulsating mass of sound, Light & Glory, He takes the form of a man, bright and warm. He moves through anything, not around it, over it or passed it, but through it. It is almost as if He gives this Glory Spirit Direction.

Magnificent yet meek, Powerful yet peaceful, authorative yet all giving, disorderly yet orderly and perfect. Windy yet calm, intimidating yet inviting, turbulent yet touchable.

From where it comes I cannot see, all I know that it is He. No explanation is needed. Where is it going ? One of its destinations is the Earth. It is already present. I broke through on that day.

On being Translated before Meetings – Pool of Bethesda

On being, translated in the Spirit

Pool of Behtesda

We hold a Pool of Bethesda on the last night of some Jesus Be Set Free Healing & Equipping Revivals. The pool is a place of intense healing. Jesus was the healer at the pool of Bethesda. Many wonderful testimonies have come from these encounters. This was one encounter before that miracle filled meeting in Springbok South Africa.

I m looking down right now in the spirit above the . There is no roof and I’m looking into the hall. I see the people and the Pool of Bethesda. I’m seeing now I’m seeing a Glory cloud from Heaven onto that water. Into that water. There is also a beam a shaft of bright light of angels ascending and descending, bringing healing into the place. Bringing healing into the place, Brining, bringing… Aaah my, my, The Glory , the Power. Angels delivering the Power.. through the Spirit of God. Ohhh my mmm

Shafts of messengers.

I looking down now in the spirit above the hall. Seeing the pool of Bethesda. I am seeing a Glory cloud from heaven streaming down onto that water, into that water. There is also a beam, a shaft of angels just descending, ascending from heaven bringing healing into the place, bringing Ahhh my oh, the glory and power, the angels delivering the power through the spirit of God mmmmm.

Robbie On Angels

On the 05 November 2007 at 05h30 I asked God to reveal the name of some of His Angels. “ What names ? “ was His response “ Angels are part of my character. They ensure that my word is fulfilled. They are therefore part of My Word. They bring the components of My Word that reflect who I am. They serve My Word to you from Me.” He said

Their names amongst others are Patience, Joy, Righteousness, Faithfulness, Goodness, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness and Unity.

Dispatch them by the authority of command – behold I lay before you an open Heaven – Angels ascending and descending – going in and out, use them for my Glory.

On the 05 December 2007, God dispatched a legion of angels to my disposal. A legion is about 6000, ten groups of six hundred.

On the 06 Jan 2008 another Legion of Angels were dispatched to me.

Robbie on seeing Angels: Personal Transcripts

As and when I have encountered the Angelic I have managed to switch on my recorder and have saved an ongoing commentary of these experiences.

My first Angelic encounter happened in Argentina in 1999 after I had just given everything I had into the offering. Without Faith it is impossible to please God. If you want to fast track a Supernatural, Miraculous experience, a sure, quick and effective way in, is to sacrificially give everything. This He honors. The two mites principal. Have nothing left afterward, except a hunger for more of Him and His.

I encountered an angel the height of a 10 storey building. Words will not describe His Power and might. A scaled description of my size compared to his, would be the size of a fly on he tip of my foot compared the size of the rest of my body.

As this angel bent down to scoop me up, I immediately had a fear that His Power would crush me. As soon as He picked me up I felt a peace above all understanding. This mighty angel took me to many leaders in the world and showed me their hearts. Each filled with fear and bondage.

Many years later it was revealed to me that this Angel was the same Angel that stirred the Pool of Bethesda. This Angel was he one that accompanied brother William Branham when he ministered in the earlier days of his ministry. This Angel is a healing messenger. It is the same angel that touches many with healing when I minister. They can feel this when He passes by them or stands before them . Many multitudes just break down and cry or are overcome with the Power of God that the fall down without even having hands laid upon them. WOW.

Herewith then are a few transcribed angelic encounters that I was able to record whilst happening.

15 May 08. Wow comic explosions. EEEw. Heeey. Awww. Sho sho sho. Hey. This is now the 16 of may in the Spirit and I just see angels. I am walking down a road and there are angels on either side, just standing. Oh My. Beautiful . They not to big, medium size in straight lines. I am looking out to the left probably a straight line of .. O my Lord .. Wow, Huh, of about 50. I look to me left and see this line going on and on on on. I look to my right and I see them going on and on an on on. Neat lines. Forwards there they are , oh my. I look behind me and they go on and on. They are standing in the form of the cross of Jesus. I know that angels are messengers. Oh My. Oh my. They have come to bring… The reason why these angels stand in the form of a cross of Jesus is to bring the message of the cross. When you are an evangelist or a preacher, this Angelic formation will follow you where you will be the centre of it in order to bring the message of the cross through you. Each one has been assigned to those who say, yes Lord I will go. Huh, beautiful neat lines. All the lines are 50 wide , behind another 50 wide, behind another 50 wide. They just carry on and on and on. Like an army. Now if you declare the Gospel they are there to bring clarity and message to some bodies heart. They make clear the message WOW. Each angel is radiant. He is radiating a white wow, almost like a white illumination. Like a green illumination, but in white Florence kina . Each one is bowed down. They are kneeling. They are not kneeling on both legs, but they are kneeling on one leg. Their head is bowed down, to the Majesty of our Messiah. Huh, Oh My, wow. Oh My. They keep the formation of the cross, they keep that message of the cross. Legions, of angels, legions. There whole purpose it to ensure the meaasage of the cross, the Good news, the Gospel goes out.

15 May, angels. Wooh. To the left of me, behind me in front of me, above me in the form the cross. I am been taken in the Spirit now moving backward away from the cross. The whole cross is illuminated, bright, bright, bright white in darkness. Then light coming from each angel reflects Heaven, the Glory coming out of the throne room on each angel. The message of the throne room is the cross of Jesus. Message of His throne room is where His angels are charged and sent. They carry the Glory of the cross. It is only through the cross that you are able to get into His Presence. Through the cross, through the veil which was His flesh which was torn for you . By His Grace you able to come in. Here I come. My Spirit now is moving. WOW. The brightness of the Light that came, He was the Light and trough that Bright light aaaaaaw, through that bright light now aaaaw so Bright, aaaah, just radiant light just radiant light. Voices like thunder. AHH. Ahhh.

Lying in the Presence. I feel waves of Him coming over me. Aaaah. It is wonderful. More of you God. More of you. It is wonderful. I feel His Presence. ……Wow in His Presence you have all the answers, there is not a problem He you cannot solve. You have all the answers. You get direction. He shows you things, in a glimpse in a moment in a flash you know things aaah. No one explains, you just know them.

15 May I am just in the spirit now I just see into that meeting we are having tonight. I just see right into the building, there is no roof on it, I can just see in. I’m above it. I see the people in the top balcony. They are crying out. I zooming into certain people. I’m in the back, someone dressed in black. I in the front , middle of the left. Why have I been shown these? The one in yellow just touched. The whole of heaven knows already before the time what is going to happen Cripples been healed. Someone there with a broken nose being healed. Just the hearts of the people. Listen to the hearts of the people. Open hearts, closed hearts… Beautiful, Beautiful Beautiful . There is a woman there, a lady there with an open face that is hungry for a touch of the Lord. Hungry. In God’s timing, in God’s timing He will touch her. He will touch her. In His timing. There men there, hopeless , the Sprit of the Lord is where there hope is.

Friday afternoon ten past five. 17 May 2008. I just asked the Father to show me the angels that were at the hall on Friday night. I just see now.aaw, angels all over the place, bringing messages to the people. In the passages. Around f the at place bring messages touching people whoever they are. Taking what is in the throne room, and just putting them into people. bringing it to people. Just touching them with what is in Heaven. They just come through the Oh MY, OH,OH Oh My … through the walls they just come through the walls, not through the doors, but through the walls, just a mass of movement, down from the roof, out from the floor, just a mass of delivery .Up through the floor just touching,. An open Heaven. Just a mass of angels all around. People, if your ears are open they will speak with you, talk with you. There is a man sitting there he dos not want to listen. There are angels all around him. WOW, there are no angles around him, nothing whilst the person has angels sitting next to him… wow. You want ting to do and wanting to say what the Father is doing and saying attracts angels around you. But if you do not want to listen and do not want to do, there are no angels around you. O My.