Discipleship School


I take on four disciples every year whom I personally pour into, showing them how to flow with the Holy Spirit and Power.

Is there any reason why this should not be you?

There is such a demand on flowing with His Holy Spirit and taking healing everywhere that God spoke with me and said” Robbie, take four permanent disciples per year and pour into them that which I have poured into you”.

Elijah had Elisha and Elisha had many junior prophets. Jesus has the 12 disciples and Paul had Timothy and Titus. The quickest way to multiply that which God is doing is to raise up disciples. The Bible mentions disciples 249 times in the New Testament (AMP). Matthew 28:19 tells us to go and make disciples. Romans 1:5 says we have received Grace to make disciples.

The four permanent disciples will stay at Grotto Bay in our self catering unit. They will be taught how to flow with the Holy Spirit and Power. They will go through teachings, help set up revivals, learn to evangelise and be taught to go out and get others healed saved and set free. They will also be exposed getting the Grace Gospel out by using the social & television media
Why not be one of them?
Cost will be R4500/month for 10 months. We will sponsor R1500/student leaving balance per student of R3000/month.

DOWNLOAD NOW, print out, fill in and post/email the Application form to:

BE Set Free Disciples,
Pvt Bag X1, Suite 131,
Melkbosstrand 7437
or fax to 022 492 3033