“Robbie, hold healing revivals everywhere & I will manifest my tangible Presence.”

For more than a decade Robbie has been faithful to that call seeing Him appear locally,
nationally & internationally resulting in multitudes been saved, healed & set free.

To host His Appearing through a Whole Town Revival where whole towns come to Jesus or a Grace Healing Revival in a more localised setting.


JESUS Be Set Free TV is real be set free TV capturing His Appearings,
broadcasting around the world to more than 139 nations.
The broadcasts are channeled to JESUS Be Set Stream TV is 24 hour
internet streaming of these appearings.

These broadcasts also are edited into 30 minute DVD teachings, 4 minute videos for Facebook and 2 minutes miracles and 2 minute for testimonies on GodTube and YouTube. A 30 minute free download is also available every week.

Robbie also trains and equips saints from passivity into His Power through the Worldwide Practical School of Grace, Healing and Evangelism. The Grace and Glory Healing Conference are held annually.


Thank you for visiting us, remember “It is all about His Presence


Robbie Cairncross (An ordinary man used Supernaturally by God)
All I want to know amongst you is Christ and Him Crucified


Robbie was born in 1962. He experienced rejection at birth, being put up for adoption. He grew up in the beautiful town of George, South Africa. He failed Sub A (Grade 1) and was later asked to leave high school on a drug allegation. To counter this rejection and failure, he worked extremely hard and drove himself to succeed, hoping to get recognition and acceptance. He went into business and was a multi-millionaire at the age of 27. He soon leant that money could buy Porsches, farms and many material things the heart desired, but not peace. He accumulated possessions but remained unsatisfied.




One day, Robbie felt prompted to give a donation (cheque) to a church, which he passed everyday, on his way to the bank. Robbie had not been inside a church in many years. A few days later, a man arrived at his restaurant and introduced himself as Pastor Aimilios Vicatos from ‘ The Lord’s Place ‘, Durban, South Africa. The pastor thanked him for the donation and said that it was exactly what they were trusting God for at that particular time. Pastor Aimilios then led Robbie to the Lord, right there in his restaurant. After saying the sinners prayer, Robbie experienced the love of God in his life. The comfort, warmth and joy of the Holy Spirit filled him.
The bondages and cares of the world were permanently broken. He knew then that what he had been searching for in worldly things, he had now found in Jesus Christ. Finally, the void was filled! Robbie continued seeking God at Durban Christian Centre where he began to fellowship. He finally enrolled as a student at the Christian Bible Training College, Durban, South Africa. Robbie obtained a Bachelor of Theology degree (1997) and a Masters degree in Christian Counselling (1998), accredited by Dr Bill Hamon from the Christian International College (USA). He has also completed a Masters in Public Policy (University of Western Cape). He received an Honorary Doctorate in Theology (2002) from the Holy Nation Bible College. Robbie ministers locally, nationally and internationally. He also was a consultant to the South African Chamber of Business (SACOB) and a missionary to parliament. He also lectured at Bible Schools.


Robbie has been ordained into the ministry and has now been ministering for the past 25 years. Robbie devotes all of his in God’s Presence. God has appointed him as a gift to the Church as an Evangelist to flow in Gifts of Healings, Miracles, Signs and Wonders (1 Cor. 12:28) and to equip the saints for the work of ministry. God told Robbie he was to Hold Healing Revivals everywhere and the He, the Lord gave him a promise that He would manifest His Tangible Presence in those meetings. Many are thus saved, healed and set free. There is thus a very tangible Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit in these meetings.