Why not HOST the next WHOLE TOWN REVIVAL ?


Host a Whole Town Revival. We need your help. Help us share the Love of JESUS in your town and see it changed. 

The Redeeming Love of Jesus is shared in the market place at a Whole Town Revival in Parys.

A Testimony of one of our precious hosts:

Many are drawn by the Love of Jesus Christ through the Cross into His Presence, receiving healing, salvation and deliverance.

The 5 key results on a town of a Whole town Revival:

  • Multitudes are healed, saved & set free.

  • Crime decreases

  • Health increases

  • Businesses prosper

  • There is Spiritual upliftment

  • Churches increase

Contact me now, lets do this together, host a WHOLE TOWN REVIVAL

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Previous Whole Town Revival Successes

In the last 15 years we have done 50 Whole Town Revivals

Here are a few :

  1. Ventersdorp, Host: Maryna & Frik , saved 12952, prayed for 23250.

  2. Rundu, Namibia: Bernie & Chrissie, saved 60 000, prayed for 72654.

  3. Ventersburg : Willie Landman, saved 18362, prayed for 27543. 

Another testimony of a beloved host :

Contact me now, so we can talk about you being our next WHOLE TOWN REVIVAL host:

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 WHOLE TOWN REVIVAL: Limited Gallery


Many healed at a Whole Town Revival.

Many learn to flow in His Holy Spirit and Power.

The School of Evangelism: Teaching how to get others healed, saved & set free.


Be Set Debt Free Breakfast. Owe man nothing but love.


Penetration Evangelism. Multitudes get saved in businesses.


Extraction Evangelism: Multitudes get saved at the Revival meetings.


Vision for Victory: Coaching out the town vision.


 I need you to host, help us share the Love of JESUS in your town and see it changed, I am waiting now for you to take the next step. 

If you want to see  your WHOLE TOWN been Healed, Saved & Set Free HOST a “JESUS Be Set Free Whole Town Revival” NOW…

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